[Roundcube Announce] Release candidate for 1.2 out now

Thomas Bruederli thomas at roundcube.net
Wed Apr 13 21:59:51 CEST 2016

Hello folks

Roundcube 1.2 is pretty much complete and after adding some
last-minute improvements we just published a release candidate to give
it another round of testing before we slap the 'stable' tag on it. We
hereby invite you all to test the release candidate and report
remaining bugs to our issue tracker.

The most important features we added in 1.2 are:

* PHP7 compatibility
* PGP encryption in two flavours
* Improved security measures to protect from brute-force and CSRF attacks

See the full Changelog in our wiki:

Download the packages or the signed source directly from Github:

Please note that we recommend to test it on a separate environment.
And don't forget to backup your data before installing it.

Another note: with the upcoming stable release of 1.2.0 the old 1.0.x
and the 1.1.x series will only receive important security fixes.
Updates to these two branches are to be released soon. So stay tuned!


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