[Roundcube Announce] Security updates 1.3.3, 1.2.7 and 1.1.10 released

Thomas Bruederli thomas at roundcube.net
Wed Nov 8 23:53:07 CET 2017

Dear subscribers

We just published updates to all stable versions from 1.1.x onwards
delivering fixes for a recently discovered file disclosure
vulnerability in Roundcube Webmail.

Apparently this zero-day exploit is already being used by hackers to
read Roundcube’s configuration files. It requires a valid
username/password as the exploit only works with a valid session. More
details will be published soon under CVE-2017-16651.

The Roundcube series 1.0.x is not affected by this vulnerability but
we nevertheless back-ported the fix in order to protect from yet
unknown exploits.

See the full changelog for the according version in the release notes
on the Github download pages:


We strongly recommend to update all productive installations of
Roundcube with either one of these versions.

In order to check whether your Roundcube installation has been
compromised check the access logs for requests like


As mentioned above, the file disclosure only works for authenticated
users and by finding such requests in the logs you should also be able
to identify the account used for this unauthorized access. For
mitigation we recommend to change the all credentials to external
services like database or LDAP address books and preferably also the
'des_key' option in your config.

Kind regards
Alec & Thomas

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