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B. Johannessen bob at db.org
Sat Oct 8 15:50:32 CEST 2005

Geoffrey McCaleb wrote:
> 6. List Archive
> A suggestion I put forward to Bob was, why not put up a simple bulletin
> board (like phpbb)? As the Roundcube community grows I really think it
> would be helpful to have a central place for users to get help and ask
> questions, keeping the more development oriented threads to the lists.

You say you sent me a suggestion? As far as I can tell, I haven't 
received any e-mail from you, and none have been rejected by my spam 
filters. Care to resend?

I'm working on the mailing list archive right now, and *hope* to have it 
up and running this weekend, but I'm not making any promises. I'll of 
course make sure *all* past messages are included in the archive.

When it comes to a bulletin board, I'm not really a big fan, and I don't 
think I care much to have to administrate something with a security 
track-record such as phpBB. On the other hand, when I talked to Thomas 
about setting up the mailing lists, we agreed to start of with just the 
dev and announce lists, but later add a users list to handle all the 
questions that has nothing to do with development. As to when this 
should be done, my thinking is once we consistently see more questions 
on administration then development/feature requests on the dev list 
*and* the the dev list volume hits ~200 messages per week. I'm open to 
suggestions though.

What I will do, if there's any interest and a few people step up to help 
keep an eye on things, is set up a wiki. (In case someone has been 
living under pile of rocks for the last few years, and doesn't know what 
a wiki is, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki). I find Wikis a 
great way to work on collaborative documentation, but unfortunately we 
need a few editors to keep link spammers and vandals out. So, if I get 
at least two volunteers, I'll get started on the wiki as soon as I'm 
done with the mailing list archive.

I'll finish off with a few list stats for those interested:
- Number of subscribers on dev list: 83
- Number of subscribers on announce list: 45

     Bob (List-mom)

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