Updated Modified Roundcube View

Jeffrey Bacon jeffbacon at breakfast.ca
Wed Oct 26 03:48:39 CEST 2005

ok, I installed that and I think that if the Folders header and the 
Subject line were aligned it would look better.  That actually gives 
more room in the button area.  The buttons could probably be smaller 
too.  They're plenty big on my (1920x1200) resolution so I'd imagine 
they look fairly large on lower resolutions.

As you mentioned, the 2 button bars overlap.  It appears that there is 
transparent area on the left end of the right button bar.  Shouldn't the 
  button bars only be as wide as minimally required to hold their 
buttons (regardless if they overlap or not)?

Rob Smith wrote:
>    I just finished a few more tweaks on the roundcube skin.  The 
> folderlist alignment has been slightly altered, and I adjusted the 
> settings and address book screens to better match the rest of the 
> implementation.  Just unzip this file into your roundcube root directory 
> and it will overwrite the necessary files.
>    These modifications have been tested in firefox and IE6 and work 
> without error.  The only issue that needs to be addressed before these 
> are added to the CVS is the size of the taskbar icons and text.  Whoever 
> made those icons, if you can modify them (I realize the text is not part 
> of the image currently, but you should probably change that) so that the 
> text is smaller and under the icon (just "settings" instead of "personal 
> settings" and "contacts" instead of "address book").  This way, there 
> won't be display isses when reading messages on lower resolution screens 
> (currently, menus overlap at 1024x768).  This change of wording and word 
> placement will lead to a far more efficient use of space.
> Rob

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