Looking good

Greg Abbas roundcube at abbas.org
Sat Oct 29 08:22:49 CEST 2005

I agree with some of the other folks on the list... RC looks very  
cool. I love the idea of having a modern alternative to squirrelmail,  
and it was easy to install (way to go!). I noticed though that it  
doesn't seem to display quite right in Safari... the text from one  
column (like Subject) spills over into the next column (like Sender).  
It's just a cosmetic thing but it's enough to make it hard to use.  
Are there are any plans to support Safari? If so that'd be way cool.

Also, and I guess this has been mentioned before on this list, RC  
doesn't seem to handle folders with a large number of messages. I've  
got one with over 6000 messages, and when I click on it, it spins for  
a few seconds and then produces an error message ("...failed to open  

If I leave it for a few minutes and then click on another folder,  
then it complains than "my session is invalid or expired". It would  
be nice if it just connected to the IMAP server again, instead of  
making me type in my username all over again. And while I'm on  
roll :-), let me concur with the suggestion to use a single-click- 
based UI. That would make a nicer user experience I think, and  
besides it's how I expected it to work because I'm used to Apple Mail.

But so far it looks like a sweet program. Thanks guys!


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