anyone having problems with SMTP auth?

Joshua Layne joshua at
Sat Oct 8 19:29:37 CEST 2005

I was able to get SMTP to work be specifying localhost (I allow relaying 
from localhost), but am unable to get the authorization aspect to work 
(I'll try again with the new build).  I was using the domain name 
'' with SMTP authorization.  works in other clients, so I 
don't think it is a server problem.

anyway, I'll try in the new version and report back.

on a totally different note, has anyone put together a cookie monster to 
clear session info?  I am finding that occasionally I enter a hung state 
that can only be fixed by dropping the session and logging in again.

Also, my previous comments were 'pie in the sky' thinking - I think 
roundcube is the slickest email client i have ever used - great work.

Geoffrey McCaleb wrote:

>It works for me when enabled.
>Quick question, what do you have smtp_server set to? Localhost, local IP
>(e.g. 127.x.x.x), or the hostname?
>On 10/8/2005, "Joshua Layne" <joshua at> wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>My SMTP auth works fine with Mozilla thunderbird (using system account),
>>but fails with a:
>>*SMTP Error in /opt/web/roundcube/program/steps/mail/
>>(179):* Connection failed: 554 : Relay access denied
>>No valid recipients
>>in roundcube.  Anyone else running into this problem?  Have workarounds?
>>I have my SMTP domain, username and password set in the config file -
>>seems like it could be nice to have this keyed off of the end-users
>>username:password also, is there any way to store these in the session
>>and pull them out for this purpose, or is that generally frowned upon?
>>(I always want to do this for "single sign on" across my various PHP
>>apps anyway)
>>thanks for any info,

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