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Thomas Bruederli roundcube at
Thu Oct 13 14:08:11 CEST 2005

Hi Sascha

When a file is uploaded, PHP first puts it into the folder specified
in php.ini (upload_tmp_dir). Then the RoundCube script moves it the
the folder 'temp' which has to be writable by the webserver (see
INSTALL guide).

Question: are you accessing a Courier IMAP server? There are some
known issues with opening unread messages from a Courier server. The
request will time out after a while. We're currently working on a
patch for this.


2005/10/12, Sascha Jafari <pretend at>:
> Hi List,
> I've two small problems left until my webmail is up and running really smooth.
> The first one I guess is more complicated than the second one, right know the mails are
> correctly displayed in the list (with a blue star) but when you click on them, nothing
> happens and you have the feeling the system crashed (window). Unfortunately there is nothing
> in the logs. I had a lock in the mail folder, and it is being moved from "new" to "cur" but
> as I already said, not displayed. When I check my mails via pop3 and my normal client
> the blue star vanishes and I can read the mail without any problem, only new mails
> with blue stars are the problem old mails are fine :)
> The second problem is not an actual problem I couldn't solve, but I like to change the php
> script itself but don't know exactly how, also after several trials :)
> I've the problem that when I upload a file it gets into /tmp/xxxxx but Apache does not have
> read/write right in that folder, so I want to change the temporary folder from
> /tmp to something like /var/www/webmail/tmp how can I do that? I already tried in the
> global config file php.ini but no effect :(
> Thanks a lot in advance and I hope to enjoy this nice program really soon with all it's features :)
> Take care
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