setup/login problems....

Brian Steere dianoga7 at
Fri Oct 14 18:01:06 CEST 2005

At the moment, ssl doesn't seem to actually be working. A number of 
other people have had similar problems. I think someone is working on 
getting it working though.


matt nicholson wrote:
> i'm a brand new user so bear with me please. i just downlaoded and 
> "installed" roundcube, epr teh directions in the INSTALL file. 
> however, when i go to login, the page just sits there, attempting to 
> load and never does. (i click "login", in the status bar it says 
> contacting, and just sits there).
> roundcube is running on the same box as the mailserver/imap (which is 
> psotfix/dovecot if it makes a diffrence). i connect normally with ssl, 
> so in the config file i have : ssl://localhost:993 for teh default host.
> am i missing anything? are there any apache config changes i should 
> have to make? i am testing this from an OSX box runnign safari right 
> now, but the same happened last night with firefox on linux, so i 
> doubt its that. thanks.
> matt nicholson
> sjoeboo at
> .

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