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David Saez Padros david at
Sat Oct 15 10:06:36 CEST 2005

Hi !!

>>as the real email has been saved in Rounbdcube own's database this will
>>not be exepensive (one only query for the firt login of each user)
> What I'm saying is any access to MySQL is expensive. 1 extra query
> just at login is almost too much.

but it's only the very first login, once RoundCube knows the email it never
does the query again. Nevertheless as what i propose is based on PEAR:DB
you can make sqlite queries which are very fast, or you can configure no
query and no query will be done.

> I'm fine with the option being there, it adds a ton of flexibility,
> however simpler ones must be made available so that large installs are
> not hamstringed (hamstrung?) with extraneous database usage.

that's exactly what i propose, you can configure a query (if you want) or
a default domain or Roundcube could just pick the virtual server name,
only if the username does not have a @ or  %

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