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Jason von Nieda jason at
Fri Oct 21 19:34:45 CEST 2005

It is for the IMAP namespace, but depending on the IMAP server that 
eventually can translate to a file on the filesystem. For the UW-IMAP 
server the default is to store mail folders in your home directory, but 
if you do that then your mail client ends up looking through your entire 
home directory (and mine is quite large) for mail folders. Instead I use 
a subdirectory called mail with a imap_root of mail so the client should 
request folders as mail/FolderName.

In any case, I am not sure if this is proper behavior but it's 
definitely accepted. I use a imap root of mail in on OS X, 
Thunderbird in Windows and OS X and Outlook Express in Windows. These 
all seem to work as expected.

The latest change to using a default delimiter if the server doesn't 
send one seems to fix much of the problem but the INBOX and Trash 
folders still fail. It sounds like other people are having the same 
problem with INBOX, in that the client is requesting imap_root/INBOX 
instead of INBOX. IMAP reserves the name INBOX to mean "the user's 
system inbox, wherever that is" and it should not be prepended with the 


Justus Pendleton wrote:
> Jason von Nieda <jason <at>> writes:
>> I keep my mail folders in my home directory under a subdirectory called 
>> mail, and I'm using UW-IMAP. My INBOX is in /var/spool/mail/
>> I have set the imap_root to "mail" and it mostly works fine. My folders 
>> all show up properly in the list and it only shows the ones from my mail 
>> directory.
> I don't think imap_root has anything to do with paths on the file system; I
> assumed it was for IMAP namespaces.  Did roundcube not work properly with the
> default setting for imap_root?
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