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Brett Patterson b.a.patterson at
Mon Apr 3 06:28:22 CEST 2006

Hello all Roundcube Developers (and those subscribed to this list).

This is Brett Patterson (the Content Manager) and I have a fairly 
straight-forward request / message.

The forum is now online, and thriving.  You can visit it here:
It started from a discussion in the users list, and has now grown to 
over 150 members as of yesterday (April 1).  I urge you all to check it 
out, and ask that you all register on the forums.  There are sections 
for bug-reports and issues.  We could really use some developer 
intervention so it doesn't seem like our forum is falling upon deaf ears. 

If and when you join the forum, please PM or email me immediately.  I 
have a special user-group for you developers.  In the PM or email please 
give me your name, your name as listed on the project page for 
developers.  There's only 15, minus myself and Thomas, so 13.  I hope I 
can get everyone on the forums.  You don't have to frequent them every 
day, just check in and see if anything new has come up.

You can even subscribe to a category (Like "CVS Issues & Bugs") and when 
a new topic is made, you'll be notified via email.

Once again, please join the forums if you have not already.  And please 
contact me so I can add you to the developers group! :)

Have a great week, and Roundcube is coming along very nicely!!

~Brett Patterson
Roundcube Forum Admin

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