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Mon Apr 3 16:50:38 CEST 2006

I think the link being on this page says a lot about the movement:  Its authenticity cannot be denied as
it's listed at the top of the page.  I think in order to gain an idea of the
scope of the movement we need to ask a different question: do people intend
to continue using the mailing list as actively as before the forums sprung


I've noticed that the mailing list is fully moderated, (please correct me if
I'm wrong). Sometimes posts do not show up for a few hours if at all.  I
made a post to this list recently that never appeared. I've noticed that
some days, there are no posts to the list at all and then a flood of them
pours in the next day as the moderator was able to find the time to approve
everything. In a forum, while moderated, posts show up immediately and can
only be removed as someone with moderation privileges finds the time to
check the forums.  


There are obviously heavy pros and cons on both forums and mailing list.  It
is nice to be able to direct a mail to the general community and the core
developers and expect that those people will at least see the subject line
in their email headers.  A post made to a forum could be missed as it
cascades down the page for a couple of days.  Intuition can only imply that
the mailing list will remain an integral part in the communication of the
development community and user base as long as it continues to be hosted.



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