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Anish Mistry amistry at
Fri Apr 7 22:34:49 CEST 2006

On Wednesday 05 April 2006 19:13, anthony at wrote:
> I know that there was a thread started here about message
> filtering:
> Anyone know the status on this?
> I'm liking RoundCube a lot! And if I decide to adopt it, I would
> want to forward all of my email addresses over to it, but I would
> want incoming emails to automatically go into certain folders,
> depending on the To Address, so that I don't have to go move each
> individual email into their folders.
> Do we just need to wait for this feature? Any ideas on a time
> frame?
I've got this item on my To-Do list.  As others have said the correct 
place to add filtering is server-side via. Sieve.  That is what I'm 
planning on doing; Sieve and only Sieve.  Right now it is just a 
To-Do item and no code has been written.  Hopefully I'll have time 
sometime this summer to work on it.  I'm working on getting the 
relevent pear packages up to snuff right now.

Anish Mistry
amistry at
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