Integrating Googiespell in Roundcube

phil phil at
Thu Apr 13 17:34:55 CEST 2006

I have tried the spellcheck option already out there, but want to see about integrating Googiespell [] into Roundcube.  From the demo you see that it's as slick as it is in Gmail, so I've started another HOWTO to cover this, but can't figure out how to integrate it into the existing 'compose' textarea.  Can someone take a look?  The documentation on the site makes it look very simple []  Here's where I am so far with my HOWTO:

cd /usr/local/www/data-dist/

cp -Rp roundcube roundcube-dev

cd roundcube-dev



cp googiespell_v3/googiespell/AmiJS.js googiespell_v3/googiespell/googiespell.js program/js/

cp googiespell_v3/googiespell/googiespell.css skins/default/

After this is done, it says to add "...the code you will need to decorate a textarea with GoogieSpell:

  <textarea id="ta1" class="textarea">Ths is a tst</textarea>
<script type="text/javascript">
  var googie1 = new GoogieSpell("googiespell/", "");

But I can't figure out where this goes.  So far I've created a program/include/ file with the above, but don't know how it needs to hook into  Anyone with a bit more include knowledge out there want to fix it?  We only need 1-2 more steps to get this working  While it does rely on Google, it is GPL and it 'could' be included in RC, or it could just be another plugin for users to choose from.  Either way this is the nicest looking option I've seen, and the most RC like to boot.


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