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Wed Apr 19 14:49:57 CEST 2006

On Wed, 19 Apr 2006 12:16:45 +0100, Alex Pimperton <alex at> wrote:
> David Collantes wrote:
>> All is needed is, knowledge of PHP and the way Cyrus or Corrier IMAP
> works (Siege is those IMAP servers unique feature, right?).
> Seive is also available as part of Exim (MTA), Dovecot (IMAP Server) and
> a collection of other software. (
> If I was a php expert I'm sure I could knock up an interface that did
> the job and cleanly integrated into Roundcube without problems.
> Unfortunately I'm not a php expert and I suspect that most people that
> use Roundcube aren't either.
>>I don't think it should be part of RoundCube. Let's keep it clean and
> simple.
> Obviously peoples opinions are going to vary over what is needed and
> what isn't in Roundcube. How about a plugin system?

I think this is the way it will need to be done, as not to cloud the main core of RC

> I personally think that there is no current easy way for end users to
> set up server side mail filtering rules (like you can with Microsft
> Exchange) and that being able to add these types of filters is essential .

absolutely, that and spelling are the only things I think RC needs.
> If you look at "competing" products, they all have a filtering
> plugin/module as it's unreasonable to expect users to login to the shell
> and edit their .procmailrc/sieve script directly.

agreed, however rememeber many of those just do client side filtering, when I first started using Squirel that's how I ran it, after my mail folders started getting big refreshing got slower and slower.  so some sort of simple front end to handle sieve would be the way to go.

throw my vote for a script that could handle either sieve or procmail (what I use).  I'm comfortable writing my own procmailrc but know there are plugins out there that do this for you.  as I mentioned I used to use Squirrel -- they have plugins that do just that and it's in php, let's look at one of their plugins for the backend -- once that's done having someone write up the front/client side would be easy.

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