keyboard shortcuts?

Stephen webshifter at
Thu Apr 20 18:05:11 CEST 2006

I don't see why you want to make the keyboard shortcuts configurable  
to each user. Most apps don't. As long as they're somewhat standard,  
or make sense, then make the users learn the RoundCube shortcuts.  
Maybe have a help item that describes the keyboard shortcuts. At  
most, I'd say, put the shortcuts in a config file so the admin can  
change what they are, and base the help item on that config file.

Believe me, I do NOT want to support 200+ users all with their own  
custom key-mapping.


On 20-Apr-06, at 7:16 AM, Thomas Bruederli wrote:

> Jesse Thompson wrote:
>> Or, using Thunderbird's shortcuts
>> n -> next new message
>> space -> page down, which incidentally is the behavior in Firefox
> You see, that's the reason why this has not been implemented yet. It's
> quite easy to add a key handler to the code but then we get dozens for
> posts here where people complain the key allocation.
> To make it right, it also requires to provide a config panel where  
> every
> user can enable/disable keyboard shortcuts and select the keys. This
> selection has to be saved to the user preferences and passed to the
> client and interpreted by the keyboard handler.
> I hope one day somebody will take care of that but it's not on top of
> the features-to-implement-list.
> On the road map we have an entry "Customizable keyboard shortcuts" for
> future versions:
> Regards,
> Thomas
>> Auke Kok wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> one thing I'm really missing in roundcube which I know is  
>>> possible and
>>> probably not too hard: keyboard commands. I know you can capture
>>> keyboard events in javascript so this surprises me (that it's not
>>> implemented yet).
>>> Am I missing something here? please tell...
>>> Anyway, I'm really looking for some easy shortcuts in non-composer
>>> mode to browse more easily (space -> next message, del -> delete
>>> selected message).
>>> Cheers,
>>> Auke

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