keyboard shortcuts?

Charles McNulty charles at
Mon Apr 24 18:23:19 CEST 2006

here is the delete key patch.  It also further abstracts (a little) the 
key handling code, so it should be easier to add future keys in there. 
The delete action performs the exact same action as the delete button, 
so there are no prompts or anything.  If the trash folder is present it 
puts it in there, if not it just deletes it.  Again this represents no 
change from the current delete button functionality.

I did not add a preference for turning off the key shortcuts.  To me 
this seems like a relatively low priority, but I welcome input.

Also, I've been known to break things for Mac browsers in the past so if 
anyone wants to test on any Mac browsers I would be very grateful.


Thomas Bruederli wrote:
> Charles McNulty schrieb:
>> Not to interrupt the how-to-quote discussion, but I'd just like to
>> comment for a moment on RC.  The above patch will work, I'm sure, but
>> it's more proper place would be in the javascript files along with all
>> of the rest of the key handling functionality.  I'd be happy to work on
>> getting delete in there in the next couple of days.
> That would be great. As this discussion showed, my plans to build a
> user-customizable shortcut handler was a bit too ambitious...
> But I guess we should implement a boolean user pref to enable/disable
> keyboard shortcuts.
>> -Charles
> Thanks to all who posted to this thread.
> Thomas

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