major change to deletion process

Charles McNulty charles at
Fri Apr 28 07:00:53 CEST 2006

I've just finished changes to a pretty significant change to the way RC 
handles deleted mail, and I wanted to run it past y'all before I 
comitted it.  First I'll describe the existing process, then I'll 
describe how I changed it.

Overview:  if mail can be moved to the Trash folder it is, otherwise it 
is immediately and irrevokably deleted.
1)If trash mailbox is defined and you are not deleting something from 
within the trash folder mail is moved to the trash folder
2)If no trash mailbox is defined mail is deleted immediately and permenantly
3)If you delete something from within the trash folder it is deleted 
4)If a message has been flagged as deleted (from some other program) it 
has a default style of shaded out, and there is no ability to undelete 
it.  It acts just like all other mail

My changes:
Overview: If there is a Trash folder nothing changes (mostly).  If there 
isn't a trash folder defined messages are flagged as deleted
1) If you have a Trash folder defined nothing should be noticeably 
2) If you don't have a trash folder defined messages are flagged as 
deleted and the deleted style is applied to them. 
    By default the deleted style will be "display: none" meaning they 
will disappear and things will appear to have not changed
3) If you change the deleted style to be striked out, or greyed out (for 
instance), they will be visible and there will be a little trash can 
icon in the same column as the "unread" icon column.  Clicking on the 
Trash icon toggles the deleted status

I will be doing more testing and cleaning up my code tomorrow.  I'm 
feeling pretty good about these changes at the moment.  The default 
behavior will be identical in almost all situations, and if in the 
future we want to change the default behavior, it's as easy as changing 
the mail.css file.  It introduces the ability to undelete messages, and 
in general makes the code a little cleaner and more modular IMO.  (In 
particular the deletion logic is now all centralized in a 
delete_messages function, instead of scattered about between the 
delete_message, command() and move_messages() functions. 

Any comments?  Suggestions?


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