major change to deletion process

Charles McNulty charles at
Fri Apr 28 17:34:08 CEST 2006

John Dennis wrote:
> * The "move to trash" vs. "mark deleted" should be a per user
> configurable option.

In a sense it is, in that it's controlled by the existence of the Trash 
folder defined in the config option.  No Trash folder = mark deleted. 
That said, a whole lot of things should be user configurable, but I 
think the best strategy would be to create a framework for this rather 
than just adding a new preference for every new feature.  In other words 
I agree but I don't think that it's enough - alone - to hold up the feature.

> * Display of deleted messages should be a toggle (menu, button, etc.)
> easily accessible from the mail folder. 

Easily done by dynamically changing the deleted style.

> * Messages marked for deletion can be "undeleted" by the user.


> These are features common in a number of the major mail clients.
> It would seem to me that use of css styles to control display of deleted
> messages would not play well with other mail folder functions which
> probably need a very clear notion of the contents of the message list, a
> message position in the list, and the visible window on the list, but
> perhaps my understanding of how the styles would be utilized is
> incomplete.

Yes, that's a distinct possibility.  The message position is handled 
differently depending on where you are.  If you're looking at a message 
it looks for env.next_uid which is defined directly from PHP's message 
index.  If you're navigating the list, it looks at a function I wrote 
that checks the hidden status of the row and skips it if it's not there. 
 I'll look into the message count issues ASAP.  I've just been cleaning 
out all of my debug code and such.


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