major change to deletion process

Randy Noval randy at
Fri Apr 28 19:15:56 CEST 2006

Jon Daley wrote:
> On Fri, 28 Apr 2006, Mark Edwards wrote:
>> The exception to this is if you group-erase a selection of mails.  You 
>> might select all and delete, or select more than you wanted to and 
>> delete.  If some of that selection was off the screen you wont even 
>> have seen the subject lines.
>     I don't know what the default behavior is in other mail clients, but 
> if I mark something deleted, I want the bolded mailbox to go away, so I 
> can tell when there is new stuff.  If you delete a message that you 
> didn't read, that is your problem, don't do that.  What do you want to 
> happen in the majority (in my case, all) of the time?  Have it go away 
> and not bother me any more.

actually, default behavior for mail clients that mark as deleted rather 
than move the message to the trash folder is to leave it marked as 
unread. they are different statuses that have nothing to do with each 
other. what you're talking about is combining the "delete" function with 
the "mark as read" function. they are separate for a reason. what you're 
saying is when you "mark as deleted" you also want to "mark as read" 
which could be a user option, but not one that is by default because 
they are not the same.

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