major change to deletion process

Brett Patters - Roundcube Forum Admin brett at
Fri Apr 28 21:54:44 CEST 2006

Randy Noval wrote:
> Charles McNulty wrote:
>> Randy Noval wrote:
>>> Thunder bird works as I described. Take a bunch of emails that are not 
>> :) It works as I described too!  Wild!  The option that determines it 
>> is Tools->Account Settings->Server Settings->"When I delete a message"
>> if you change it to "Mark it as deleted" you'll be seeing what I'm 
>> seeing, which is that Thunderbird loses the "seen" flag.
>> My patch will make it perform exactly like Thunderbird, except that 
>> instead of a preference determining the behavior, the presense of the 
>> Trash folder determines it.  When a message is moved to the Trash 
>> folder Seen status is maintained.  When a message is marked as 
>> deleted, Seen status is lost.
>> -Charles
> No, you're combining behaviors and removing the user's option to 
> choose. For example, on the default install of thunderbird (what most 
> people will use), that setting is not checked, though it is an option. 
> An option is what it should remain because those features are 
> functionally separate. If you don't want to be annoyed, you can change 
> the option, but it makes no sense to combine functions for what should 
> be a user determined preference. Just because it can work like you 
> describe doesn't mean that it should be the default behavior.
Okay, so since we're talking options... why can't we just say this:

If there's a trash folder:
    Move to trash folder
If there's not a trash folder:
    Mark as deleted

Now, a user-preference (checkbox) will define whether to mark it as 
"seen"/"read" or not.  If it's checked, mark it read.  If not, leave it 
as new.

Is that not an option?

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