Frames and loading Compose window?

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at
Thu Apr 13 20:05:37 CEST 2006

Paul Cottrell wrote:
> Figured it out
> Line:840
> parent.window.location.href = url;
> I changed it to
> document.location = ur;
> works like a charm :)

To fix this correctly:

if (this.env.framed)
  parent.location.href = url;
  location.href = url;

If you click on the e-mail link in the contact details frame, then
parent.location is needed.

I just added the changes to the CVS.

> On 3/7/06, *Paul Cottrell* <pcottrell at
> <mailto:pcottrell at>> wrote:
>     I am running roundcube in a frame and when I click the compose it
>     doesnt loadwithin its frame it takes over the whole window.
>     has anyone else run into this problem? or know of the logic behind
>     it that would cause it?
>     I've checked the code and its similar to the rest of the commands
>     that load the other calls. Like reply and forward. They all load
>     with in the frame like thier suppose to.
>     Caio,
>     Paul
>     Im using the latest beta.

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