Saving message list sort order

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at
Thu Apr 13 20:27:31 CEST 2006

Hi Jacob

Thanks a lot for that. I just added your patches with a little
modification to the CVS. I created a function rcmail_save_user_prefs()
that will be used in several situations.


Jacob Brunson wrote:
> If I like to always sort my messages ascending or descending, it can become a 
> pain to have to select that every time I log into RC|Mail.  I'm submitting 
> some patches to fix this, so that the search column and search order is 
> saved.
> set_sort_user_pref.diff sets the sort column/order into the session 
> user_prefs .  This is done when the message list is reloaded with a new sort 
> param (which is done when you click on a column heading).  However, the 
> session user_prefs aren't saved normally (unless you go into preferences) 
> which necessitates the following patch.
> save_prefs_on_logout.diff saves the session user_prefs into the preferences 
> column of the user table in the database, so that it can be restored later.  
> This is done just before the session is destroyed.
> [...]

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