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Jesse Thompson jesse.thompson at
Thu Apr 20 14:56:35 CEST 2006

One of the things that annoyed me about squirrel's plugin sieve editor, 
avelsieve, is that it only supports Cyrus and "Tim's Sieve daemon".

Josh King wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Apr 2006 7:49:57 -0500, phil <phil at> wrote:
>> On Wed, 19 Apr 2006 12:16:45 +0100, Alex Pimperton <alex at>
>> wrote:
>>> David Collantes wrote:
>>>> All is needed is, knowledge of PHP and the way Cyrus or Corrier IMAP
>>> works (Siege is those IMAP servers unique feature, right?).
>>> Seive is also available as part of Exim (MTA), Dovecot (IMAP Server) and
>>> a collection of other software. (
>>> If I was a php expert I'm sure I could knock up an interface that did
>>> the job and cleanly integrated into Roundcube without problems.
>>> Unfortunately I'm not a php expert and I suspect that most people that
>>> use Roundcube aren't either.
>>>> I don't think it should be part of RoundCube. Let's keep it clean and
>>> simple.
>>> Obviously peoples opinions are going to vary over what is needed and
>>> what isn't in Roundcube. How about a plugin system?
>> I think this is the way it will need to be done, as not to cloud the main
>> core of RC
>>> I personally think that there is no current easy way for end users to
>>> set up server side mail filtering rules (like you can with Microsft
>>> Exchange) and that being able to add these types of filters is essential
>> .
>> absolutely, that and spelling are the only things I think RC needs.
>>> If you look at "competing" products, they all have a filtering
>>> plugin/module as it's unreasonable to expect users to login to the shell
>>> and edit their .procmailrc/sieve script directly.
>> agreed, however rememeber many of those just do client side filtering,
>> when I first started using Squirel that's how I ran it, after my mail
>> folders started getting big refreshing got slower and slower.  so some
>> sort of simple front end to handle sieve would be the way to go.
>> throw my vote for a script that could handle either sieve or procmail
>> (what I use).  I'm comfortable writing my own procmailrc but know there
>> are plugins out there that do this for you.  as I mentioned I used to use
>> Squirrel -- they have plugins that do just that and it's in php, let's
>> look at one of their plugins for the backend -- once that's done having
>> someone write up the front/client side would be easy.
> I know this has been discussed before (the whole RC vs server-side filtering thing), and usually has lead to the plugin idea being brought about as a way to make everyone happy. Is anyone working on implementing an API or such for writing plugins?
> I would be willing to lend my (meager) skills to help out.
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