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David Collantes david at
Thu Apr 20 21:24:31 CEST 2006

> Sorry, but I happen to prefer top quoting. I like being able to
> immediately start reading what the other person has to say as opposed
> having to scroll down to read it.

Oh boy... That ability applies only to emails _sent_ to you, not those
you sent out. Since, logically, it's easier to treat emails as a
conversation, a proper order should be in place, which is what Mr.
Johannessen refered to.

> ~Brian

More lessons. It should be:


That is dash, dash, space, enter, Brian.

> B. Johannessen wrote:
> > David Collantes wrote:
> >> Could everyone, please, learn how to quote [1 and 2]? Could we use
> >> text in our emails (this is not too important, but it will help)?

You do not even know how to quote! What did B. Johannessen write? If you
are not quoting him at all, why did you include that line on your quote?

I propose stopping before it might get out of hand. I will follow
Johannessen practice, when he wrote "[...] but I have learned to love
other peoples 
sloppy e-mail practices [...]". And so will I. Shrugs.


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