More sorting fun

Thomas Mangin thomas.mangin at
Thu Aug 3 11:17:28 CEST 2006

And to make sure all is said,

Email sent by badly created scripts (and spammers) are often missing the 
"Date:" field. As a result they are considered as being dated of the 
first of January 1970 (or some stupid date like that) and will be at the 
start of the sorting.

As roundcube miss the feature to select the index at which email are 
displayed, I would have to click "next page" around 150 times to be able 
to drag and drop that mail to the trash.

I can see a few solution to this problem:
  - allow user to navigate pages on the "Message XX of XXXX" at the 
bottom right.
(I have over 3,000 email in my inbox - and I use folders and filters, so 
I let you calculate how many time I would have to click "next" to get to 
a spam email)
  - like Thunderbird have another "filter bar" with an unread emails option.
  - display those email last but it can not be done using IMAP sorting.


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