Customising RoundCubeMail

Brett Patterson brett at
Sun Aug 6 14:03:09 CEST 2006

Alexis Domjan wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using roundcubemail for a while and up to now it is really one of
> the best I ever installed. 
> We're a ISP company in switzerland offering one of the first green
> hosting and email and I was looking for a Webmail for our customer.
> After a lot of tests with IMP, Neomail, etc. I finally found RC and just
> adopted it :-)
> Now, I would need some customisation in the webmail (more than changing
> the skin). I would need mainly two things:
>    - a part where users can send SMS (quota and configuration is managed
>      in a postgresql database). This part could include a place where
>      the user can change his cellphone number. An idea would also be
>      that the contact list would include the gsm number, then a user
>      could send an sms using the list of his contacts.
Best bet here would be to hire an independent coder to look at the 
source and add what you need.  Unless someone in the community would 
want to take this on.  I know adding fields in the user info section has 
been done (search the forums) before.
>    - a part where users can change their pop3/imap password and
>      de/activate a vacation (also managed in a postgresql database)
This is taken care of already with a patch from a fellow user.  Just 
search for it on the forums ;)
> Of course this is very specific, but I wanted to know if it could have
> some interests for other RC users before I try to implement that. And if
> RC developers are interested it would also be better, as I don't know RC
> code at all :-)
> I'm looking forward for interests :-)
> Kind regards,

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