Ticket #1332930 (Feature Requests)

Tobias 'tri' Richter maillists at datenwerkstatt-richter.de
Wed Aug 9 21:03:53 CEST 2006

Hi guys,

I found roundcubemail a few weeks ago and found it really great. I was a long
time Horde-Imp User but roundecubemail is much faster, nicer and easier. But
the first thing i miss was a "better" adressbook.
I talked about this to thomas and he pointed me to the Ticket #1332930.

Then i have included a lot fields into the database table and made this fields
available under the adressbook. The fields i added now are all fields with are
needed for vcard 2.1 support (export and import can then be done easier). But
the problem now is, that the "right side" for each contact is a long list and
maybe not everybody needs the field "tel work 2" for example.

i will put my updates tomorrow to svn - but then i have to think about a nice
and fast solution for users that they can change what fields they what to see
for here contacts and which fields should be faded out. maybe this can be done
like the folder settings under settings or maybe there is a better solution...

i hope you can follow me - my english is not the best ;) - you can see it in
svn tomorrow.

roundecubemail is really good - thank you all.

Best regards
Tobias 'tri' Richter

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