UTF7 - UTF8 folder encoding errors

Eric Liang ericliang2 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 11:45:20 CEST 2006

First of all, thank you for this. It made things better. New comments are

On 8/10/06, Thomas Bruederli <roundcube at gmail.com> wrote:
> IMP uses the PHP integrated IMAP functions and as far as I could see
> do thex handle the charset conversion internally.

I don't know - I have just tested IMP and Group-Office lately and they both
seem to treat folders nicely from a user's point of view. I am not that
familiar with how they do it.

I just committed some changes that should solve these problems. It
> works well with my mailbox but I only use ISO characters. Please
> checkout the latest revision and test it with your environment.

These are the results:

1) In folders list the multibyte characters are cut (... is put in the
middle of the string) incorrectly. This happened before, I just didn't
mention it to the dev list until now. This means that the PHP function
should check the length of string as multibyte and cut it as such. Currently
I have folders that have AAA?...AAAAA (where AAA=multibyte chars). The
question mark (?) is shown because the second byte of the character is cut
so it's substituted by ? (therefore I assume that the PHP fuctions do not
treat this string as multibyte before checking/converting/minimizing
length). There are multibyte folder name with real length of 8 chars that
are cut and English folders that are 10 or more and are not cut. So perhaps
this behaviour should be examined.

2) When I use English GB language the folders work nicely. They used to work
nicely on the folder list (ie show), now the create/rename folder works
flawlessly too (big thanks).

But when I use another language, for example Spanish, things get messed up,
just like in the past. Let me know if I am allowed to send you screenshots
(via personal email) to show what happens when charset is not ISO-8859-1, or
perhaps a login account on such a mailbox.

Results (for non English charset):
Create folder -> "error occured while creating folder" or similar error in
the translated language
View folder -> strange charset conversion (or no conversion at all?)
is shown instead of the normal folder
Rename folder -> "error occured while creating folder" or similar error in
the translated language

I have noticed that the erratic folder behavior happens when I use specific
languages like
Slovak, Polski, Greek, Espanol, Arabic etc but not on Japanese, Russian,
English (it works fine on those showing always the correct folder names as

I can only assume it has to do with internal PHP charset conversions that
only support some charsets and not others? Like what happens with
html_entity_decode that supports only _some_ charsets:

Finally, I am using PHP 4.4.x branch to test.

Let me know how I can help further to solve this.

Your support is very much appreciated,

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