Encoding problem

Jan Mikus mikus at itcomputers.cz
Fri Aug 11 11:16:39 CEST 2006

There is encoding problem in headers with central european characters.

Recipient address "Jan Mikuš <mikus at itcomputers.cz>" after encoding return "=?UTF-8?Q?Jan=20Miku=C5=A1=20<mikus at itcomputers.cz>?=" (right is "=?UTF-8?Q?Jan=20Miku=C5=A1?= <mikus at itcomputers.cz>") and Postfix this header encode to "=?UTF-8?Q?Jan=20Miku=C5=A1=20 <mikus at itcomputers.cz>,\n ?=@arachne.itcomputers.cz".

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