Filtering spam with SpamAssassin header

Mehmet Tolga Avcioglu mehmet at
Wed Aug 16 21:07:07 CEST 2006

In my opinion something like this should be setup in the delivery agent
(procmail, maildrop). This behavior should be consistent between
clients. For example we have a web based configuration tool for these
types of settings which creates the appropriate .mailfilter files and
the MDA does the rest. The behavior is same even is the users logs in
through web client or thunderbird, etc.

I would actually like to see the Settings section extended so these
types of server side configurations could be implemented (spam rules,
blacklist, whitelist, vacation, etc.) as additional extensions/modules.??

Mehmet Tolga Avcioglu

Brennan Stehling wrote:
> I would like to adjust RoundCube to automatically place new mail into the Junk folder if it has a spam ranking from SpamAssassin.
> On my server...
> ..I have SpamAssassin set up and it will place the X-Spam-Level header with a set of stars indicating the spam level.  I think RoundCube could check the SpamLevel and provide a personal setting to allow the user to automatically drop spam into the Junk folder.
> Thoughts?
> --
> Brennan Stehling
> brennan at

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