Filtering spam with SpamAssassin header

Martin Marques martin at
Thu Aug 17 17:38:21 CEST 2006

On Thu, 17 Aug 2006, Rob Smith wrote:

> Thomas Mangin wrote:
>> The list of Header to be checked for could be a config option like:
>> spam[HEADER]='matching header value (regex?)'
>> with the default key being X-Spam-Flag and Yes
>> Thomas
> I agree completely with the need to have some configuration options on this 
> one.  In my case, we use DSPAM, which places a X-DSPAM-RESULT header with the 
> values of Spam, Whitelisted, or Innocent.  A way to tell the script what 
> header to look for, and what value(s) mean spam, would change this from a 
> feature for SpamAssassin users to something that almost everyone can use.

Let's see if we can agree in something: What RoundCube needs is a good 
filtering system. With that, there is nothing else to add to this thread.

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