Filtering spam with SpamAssassin header

Manu at
Thu Aug 17 20:09:02 CEST 2006

Rob Smith wrote:
> I went back and tried to apply your patch (although slightly modified
> for DSPAM instead of SpamAssassin), and it didn't work on the latest
> code from the SVN.  When I first log in, emails turn green, but then as
> soon as I click on any folder, nothing will turn green any more (even if
> I just hard code the header check to true).  Any clue what could have
> happened?

I think there's a problem with the cache. I use a field that I suspect
not to be saved in the cache. I already mentioned this but nobody gives
much attention and I wasn't able to fix it.
It should be a matter of minutes for someone that have better
understanding of it works. It's just about saving the 'junk' field of
the object iilBasicHeader into the cache and retrieve it.


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