How can I get started with sending in changes?

Brennan Stehling brennan at
Fri Aug 18 04:35:53 CEST 2006

I would like to help with RoundCube development by adjusting a local copy and then submit changes.  I have a few barriers I will need to overcome.

First, I am not really familiar with how things are handled from a general overview and could use a walk-through.  I am also not a big PHP developer.  I have mainly worked with Perl, Java and ASP.NET (C# and VB.NET).  But I have worked with PHP a bit.  You can see an example of something I once did with PHP here... 

Second, I do have a lot of experience with Javascript but I have been working with the popular libraries like Prototype and Scriptaculous.  So the custom Javascript I am seeing is not familiar to me here either.  I will need a little assistance with getting started with it.  One nice piece of Javascript I created is GPlotter.

The latest release uses Prototype and it uses an Object Oriented model, so is easier to work with during maintenance.  As I reviewed the Javascript for RC it was not clear that there was a OO approach in terms of controlling the UI and handling the mail.  I'd like to discuss some ideas with the core team who have been dealing with the UI and Javascript.  I think I can be a big help here.

I am also familiar with Subversion, so I already have a local copy pulled down and I am watching updates as the come down.  I have been hoping to understand the application design by simply reading the code.  I have an idea of how things are working, but the coding style is different than my own.  I need some time to get comfortable with it.

I am interested in doing whatever I can.  Let me know if you would be willing to walk me through the PHP architecture or the Javacript.


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