Nox Spell Server

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at
Sun Aug 20 16:06:49 CEST 2006


I just added support for Nox Spell Server to the Trunk. The URL can be
configured using only one config parameter and there's another parameter
to specify the languages that are available for spell checking.

I don't have aspell installed to test it, so please can somebody confirm
if my changes really work...


Jim Pingle wrote:
> I managed to get this up and running and working with Roundcube rather
> easily. I did have to make a couple slight changes in the code to make it
> configurable (and default to using Google).
> Apply the attached patch to program/steps/mail/ and then add these
> config variables in config/
> $rcmail_config['googiespell_server'] = "";
> $rcmail_config['googiespell_port'] = "14003";
> $rcmail_config['googiespell_path'] = "/?lang=";
> Start your nox server, and away it goes...
> Note: I had to edit nox's and tell it not to use Google there,
> too.
> Jim

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