Filtering spam with SpamAssassin header

Jesse Thompson jesse.thompson at
Wed Aug 23 23:35:07 CEST 2006

Martin Marques wrote:
> Now put this in a system with no user account (all virtual), or even better, in a DB. Would you let them add code for a procmail execution? All your security goes down in that instant.

Which is exactly why Sieve was invented. :-)

The fact is that every email service provider does it differently.  Some 
use procmail, some use sieve, and some rely on client filters.  It 
doesn't make sense to build filtering into roundcube unless it is 
capable of doing all three.  This would be impractical to code, so it 
would be better to write plugins for each type of filtering.  You, as an 
administrator, can choose to install whichever filtering plugin is most 
appropriate for your environment.
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