Client rewrite for RoundCube

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Tue Aug 29 01:05:26 CEST 2006

On Aug 28, 2006, at 4:13 AM, Michael Bueker wrote:

> Thomas Bruederli wrote:
>> Actually I agree with a rewrite as you suggested, the only
>> disadvantage I see, is that this will take some time and it will stop
>> the current development because merging could become very difficult.
>> That's also the reason, why I cc-ed the mailing list because that's a
>> task that concerns all developers. For me, it's no problem because
>> I'll go on holiday for more than a month soon and will not work on  
>> the
>> project then.
> I can't really judge roundcube's need for an interface rewrite,  
> although I would have some suggestions if that were to be done.
> However, it probably would really slow down development, which I  
> think shouldn't happen before the 0.1 release. IMHO, the best thing  
> to do would be to finish up 0.1rc, debug it for a few weeks and  
> then release 0.1. When that's released, we can continue supporting  
> it, but also start developing an 0.2alpha, which would feature the  
> new client.
> That way, we'd have a nice and stable 0.1 for production use and  
> enough time to thoroughly make the new interface for 0.2.
> I don't think maintaining the two branches at a time would be too  
> difficult. Important bugfixes should still be made to the 0.1  
> branch, but not much more.
> There's my 2 cents :)
> mtu

I think Brennan's idea of a re-write is a natural reaction to the  
growth RoundCube has seen. It's great to hear that someone is willing  
to invest the time to improve RC's already well-structured core.

However I agree with Michael that a complete re-write seems premature  
at a 0.1 release. I would vote for a stable 0.1 first, so that the  
general public can benefit from the hard work so far, and tide them  
over until a re-write is done. That might also generate some good  


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