Small bug in spell checker

Aurélien Pocheville aurelien.pocheville at
Thu Aug 31 04:06:32 CEST 2006


I just upgraded to latest svn (rev 329 I think) and I noticed a small 
bug in the spell checking. I you click twice on the spell check _icon_ 
(the one on the very top, not the textual one), a graphical bug appears 
with a double bar on top of edit box. In fact, it is creating another 
editbox, and if you click a third time, a third editbox is created (they 
are very small), and so on... I managed to have a ten of them. I you 
click on the "resume editing" text, everything is coming back to normal.
I think that the solution to this would be to have the top icon to also 
have the same behavior as the textual one, that is switch between 


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