Attachments not showing in message

Todd Gehring tgehring at
Thu Aug 31 00:18:54 CEST 2006

I recently installed the latest relase (beta) and everything is working great,
except, when I attach some documents (Excel .xls, for example), the attachment
is sent fine, but when I copy myself and read the message I sent, it does not
appear in the message - so I can't click on it or download it to verify my
message. However, the fact that there is an attachment is tracked on the
message list - there is a little attachment icon and attachment size on the
message list summary. I tried retrieving the email from another email client
and it does show the attachement fine... I tried the same exercise (email
attachment, copy myself) with a .pdf document and there was no problem. So, I'm
not sure what the pattern is - if it has to do with file size, type, etc. Both
were relatively small attachments (<100K). Any ideas?



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