on the subject of folders

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 11:06:43 CEST 2006

Hi Charles,

I know the problem but I haven't seen that "noselect" tag. We should
really take care of that and don't add links to those non-selectable
folders. This would automatically disable them for selection as well as
for dropping messages to them. If you're willing to take care of that,
go ahead. I would also suggest to put the ul/li validation issue on hold
since the main page does not validate anyway (like Brett pointed out


Chuck, Charlie and Charles wrote:
> I was looking around the folders code and discovered a minor bug.  If
> you create a folder with a dot in it (like test.box) RC will display a
> folder called test with a box sub-folder.  That is all as it should be.
>  The problem is that it allows you to drag and drop messages into the
> phantom folder and displays it as if it were a real folder.  When you
> drag into the folder the message appears to go away, and of course
> doesn't appear in the phantom folder.  When you refresh the folder that
> you dragged the message from the message reappears (which is good - at
> least it isn't lost forever).  What should happen is that the phantom
> folder should be greyed out, and undraggable (and probably unselectable).
> When you query IMAP for the folder list, it helpfully tags that folder
> as Noselect, but we don't do anything with that tag, or for that matter
> with any other tags (including such useful ones as HasChildren and
> HasNoChildren).  I propose rewriting the folder getting routines to pass
> all of the tags through to the roundcube "layer" so that we can decide
> what to do about the presentation of these folders.
> This requires the modification of
> iil_C_ListSubscribed in lib/imap.inc as well as _list_mailboxes and
> list_mailboxes in rcube_imap, and the various functions that call those
> functions (about 6 or so).  So my question is does anyone have any
> reservations about me going ahead with this, and does anyone anticipate
> any cross IMAP server problems?
> -Charles

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