Integrated spelling - how to get results?

Martin Møller martin at
Thu Aug 10 08:58:26 CEST 2006

Onsdag 09 august 2006 21:54 skrev Jim Pingle:
> Martin Moeller wrote:
> > It is supposed to contact as far as I can tell and that should
> > now be allowed whether client or server-side. Anyone else seeing this?
> > This is with Firefox 1.5.x.
> I had this problem on one setup, and it was caused by a missing PHP module.
> You might check Roundcube's error logs. It tries to communicate with the
> Google spelling server using ssl, so you'll need to have OpenSSL support
> enabled in PHP, as well as sockets support.
> After discovering this, I added a note to the Requirements page on the Wiki
> about it. Perhaps it should be added to the FAQ, too.
> Jim

Ah! Thank you. Recompiling my PHP as we 'speak'. I didn't think to look at the 
error-log for this. Silly me, but when it simply says there's no spelling 
errors that's not the first thing I would think of :)


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