Encoding problem

B. Johannessen bob at db.org
Fri Aug 11 14:10:35 CEST 2006

Jan Mikus wrote:
> Recipient address "Jan Mikuš <mikus at itcomputers.cz>" after encoding
> return "=?UTF-8?Q?Jan=20Miku=C5=A1=20<mikus at itcomputers.cz>?=" (right
> is "=?UTF-8?Q?Jan=20Miku=C5=A1?= <mikus at itcomputers.cz>") and Postfix
> this header encode to "=?UTF-8?Q?Jan=20Miku=C5=A1=20
> <mikus at itcomputers.cz>,\n ?=@arachne.itcomputers.cz".

The problem here is the quotes. "Jan Mikuš <mikus at itcomputers.cz>" is a 
quoted-string, and if if you place it in an RFC2822 To: header field it 
will be parsed as just a local-part. With proper quoting, the field 
should be: "Jan Mikuš" <mikus at itcomputers.cz>


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