Filtering spam with SpamAssassin header

Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg listsub at
Thu Aug 17 14:35:23 CEST 2006

Brett Patterson wrote:
> I've been reading all the thoughts presented on the list.  While  I
> agree that SPAM or Junk mail needs to be addressed, I don't think it
> should be Roundcube's job to handle the SPAM.   That's why there are 3rd
> party scripts out there (SpamAssassin) that do this.  To me, it would
> make much more sense (and be faster) if it were done on the IMAP server
> side (MTU side?).  Roundcube should at least *recognize* SPAM flags (as
> we all know there's more than one spam flag, and no unified
> specification).  So having roundcube recognize that SPAM is in one of
> the flags somewhere would help.

I totally agree. Detecting and spam-tagging should be done
serverside, but a good client should be able to *recognize* mails
already marked as spam, just as you say.

> But RC should not be the way to set up the SPAM rules.  RC isn't meant
> to be a WHCP (Web Host Control Panel) and keeping it simplistic would go
> straight out the window with creating SPAM rules.  Not only would you
> now have to add code dealing with SPAM, you'd have to look at every
> server configuration and the dealing with SPAM and exactly how they mark
> it, move it, or if it's just flagged.  Then possibly create X many
> scripts doing the same thing but per X different servers.  Seems
> irrational.

True. RC is a mailclient, it should enable you to read and send
emails. It should not attempt to be a mailserver or even a small
part of a server.

> I think highlighting the message if a flag is found to have SPAM in the
> flag name is a good idea (not sure of the patch submitted).  I like the
> idea of message rules, but even most webmail systems don't deal with
> flags.  Squirrelmail doesn't mark SPAM.  The IMAP server marks the
> SPAM.  Even the server (or Thunderbird or whatever non-webmail-client)
> create the rules to move a message based upon whatever rules they have
> in place.  I think RC should have the message rules, but not the
> automatic creation of SPAM folder & SPAM marking.  SPAM should be
> handled IMAP side, and message rules can come to the settings panel.
> Just my personal feelings.  Any thoughts?

I personally really like the way Kmail shows the level of
"spamicity" as indicated by spamassassin, bogofilters and others by
showing small colorfull meters in each mail. If anyone is interested
I can provide screenshots as soon as I get home from work. Not sure
exactly how to solve it with the current interface, but something
similar for RC would in my opinion be the best solution.


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