Filtering spam with SpamAssassin header

Martin Marques martin at
Thu Aug 17 15:42:07 CEST 2006

On Thu, 17 Aug 2006, Brett Patterson wrote:

> But RC should not be the way to set up the SPAM rules.  RC isn't meant to be 
> a WHCP (Web Host Control Panel) and keeping it simplistic would go straight 
> out the window with creating SPAM rules.  Not only would you now have to add 
> code dealing with SPAM, you'd have to look at every server configuration and 
> the dealing with SPAM and exactly how they mark it, move it, or if it's just 
> flagged.  Then possibly create X many scripts doing the same thing but per X 
> different servers.  Seems irrational.
> I think highlighting the message if a flag is found to have SPAM in the flag 
> name is a good idea (not sure of the patch submitted).  I like the idea of 
> message rules, but even most webmail systems don't deal with flags. 
> Squirrelmail doesn't mark SPAM.  The IMAP server marks the SPAM.  Even the 
> server (or Thunderbird or whatever non-webmail-client) create the rules to 
> move a message based upon whatever rules they have in place.  I think RC 
> should have the message rules, but not the automatic creation of SPAM folder 
> & SPAM marking.  SPAM should be handled IMAP side, and message rules can come 
> to the settings panel.

I think, just like you, that what RC needs are mail filters. Then the user 
or web admin can add default filters to move spam to a designated folder, 
based on the anti-spam agent it's using (spamassassine, bogofilter, dspam, 

About the coloring, I think it would be better to add a new line in the 
shown headers in the message div, with info about the known anti-spams 
that come in the mail.

Was I clear?

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