Filtering spam with SpamAssassin header

Gilles PIÉTRI contact at
Mon Aug 21 14:36:51 CEST 2006

Le Lun 21 août 2006 14:18, Michel Moreira a écrit :
> I dont think that us can rely ONLY on the server side filters. It can
> be also plugins that implements mail filters. There are ppl that dont
> have the privileges to access those configurations. I think we can
> have an mail filter plugin that can be installed or not, and this
> plugin can have rules based on spamassassin spam level, or other spam
> tags.

Hi !

I'm usually only a reader of this list, though, the (anti)spam thread got
me a little bit more interested.
There are already plenty of spam check systems client side. Although I
think spamfilters should be enabled server-side, it's true that some can't
define MDA rules by themselves...
There could be a plugin just detecting flagged email, may it be header
flags, or subject marking (***SPAM*** anyone ? ;)) or whatever, and maybe
some implementation of rules, like the Sieve specifications.. Maybe
someone did that already, I found a word about it on Trac : (and duplicate)
Anyway, please, please, don't write another antispam spec for strange
rules, I don't think it's worth it, especially when some good things exist

Good job by the way, I'll try to write some code for RC when I'll be given
some time to do so hehe... But a real FOS Ajax webmail really lacks, and
RC seems to play just fine to fill in the gap ;)


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