Filtering spam with SpamAssassin header

Martin Marques martin at
Thu Aug 24 14:26:32 CEST 2006

On Wed, 23 Aug 2006, Jesse Thompson wrote:

> Martin Marques wrote:
>> Now put this in a system with no user account (all virtual), or even 
>> better, in a DB. Would you let them add code for a procmail execution? All 
>> your security goes down in that instant.
> Which is exactly why Sieve was invented. :-)
> The fact is that every email service provider does it differently.  Some use 
> procmail, some use sieve, and some rely on client filters.  It doesn't make 
> sense to build filtering into roundcube unless it is capable of doing all 
> three.  This would be impractical to code, so it would be better to write 
> plugins for each type of filtering.  You, as an administrator, can choose to 
> install whichever filtering plugin is most appropriate for your environment.

OK. Now I get it. :-)

Sorry for the noise.

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