Joe Auricchio jauricchio.lists at
Thu Aug 31 00:55:42 CEST 2006

Hi Andrew,

> RoundCube then resorts to sorting the messages itself...  I guess  
> the question is.. why is Roundcube sending "s SORT (DATE)..."?   
> What is this 's'?

The 's' is a tag. All commands sent from the client to the server  
start with a tag specified by the client. All responses to that  
command will have the same tag, so the client can keep track of which  
command the server is responding to. In this case, RC is using the  
unimaginative tag 's' to designate its sort commands.

RFC 3501 says it better:

The 's' is valid syntax, so it's not causing the BAD response. Hope  
this helps direct your investigation =]


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