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Robin Elfrink elfrink at
Wed Dec 6 12:55:49 CET 2006

Thomas Bruederli wrote:

>> In that case I'd say we should also use the coloured logo instead of the
>> greyscale one.
> Right, I forgot about that. Well we could colorize the current
> print-logo because it differs from the regular logo. We have more
> horizontal space and there's no line below the logo. IMO we should keep
> the current print logo in the print view, even if it's b/w.

Ok, how about this then, with attached image?

I think on a printed we should not use px but em in css.


Index: skins/default/print.css
--- skins/default/print.css     (revision 398)
+++ skins/default/print.css     (working copy)
@@ -110,3 +110,27 @@
   white-space: pre;
   font-size: 9pt;
+div.message-part blockquote
+       color: blue;
+       border-left: 2px solid blue;
+       border-right: 2px solid blue;
+       background-color: #F6F6F6;
+       margin: 0.5em 0em 0.5em 0em;
+       padding: 0.25em 1em 0.25em 1em;
+div.message-part blockquote blockquote
+       color: green;
+       border-left: 2px solid green;
+       border-right: 2px solid green;
+div.message-part blockquote blockquote blockquote
+       color: #990000;
+       border-left: 2px solid #bb0000;
+       border-right: 2px solid #bb0000;
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