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Pierre Mauduit a écrit :
> Hi,
> nice work on the translation tool ! I tried it with the french language, so here's my result :
> By the way, I think - and all french folks would probably agree - that a better translation for "Junk mail" is the french term "Pourriel", since "A trier" means "to sort" in french.
Thank you Pierre ! I have some remarks on the French translation, but it 
could be of some interest for people translating in other languages, so 
I've put them in English.
Some consistency issues: sometimes there is a dot at the end of 
sentences, sometimes not, sometimes a space before '...' sometimes not. 
It should be consistent. What's the difference between $labels['mail'] 
and $labels['email'] ? Is one used for "messages" and another for 
"address" ?
For the French translation, I've "corrected" what I believe are small 
errors of style, mainly:
"SVP" => "Veuillez ..."
"e-Mail" => "adresse électronique" or "e-mail" (e-Mail is not consistent 
with Pourriel / either Courriel-Pourriel or something else)
"Pourriel" => "Indésirables" (this is what thunderbird do, for me 
"Pourriel" equals "Spam" not "Junk", subtle difference, but I can be 
wrong - Anyway, "A trier" is plain wrong for me)
Some uppercase words inside the messages and other small modifications.
One thing I can not translate correctly is "Bienvenue à $product", for 
me it feels "not good" but I can't find a better one ;-)
My versions is there:
Feel free to criticize my small changes :p


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