About some features / enhancements

Pierre Mauduit pierre.mauduit at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 22:31:59 CET 2006


As far as I dive into the RC code, i have been trying to add some
features to my RC copy, and I'd like to give some remarks about this
great webmail project.

- Autocompletion : When I worked on LDAP autocompletion support (around
1st of december), I figured out that all contacts were added to a big
javascript array. Why not making XMLHttpRequests to a page that returns
the autocompletion, when 4 ou more / less caracters are given ? I think
it could improve performances in case of users handling thousands of
contacts into their addressbook. I did'nt look the code toroughly, and
don't know if it is really possible.

- Message threads : For my personal javascript culture, I began to code
something like threaded mails view (ticket #1424907). It's just a begin
for the moment, see here if you're curious enough :
Anyway, I'm not sure that it's RC compliant (I could not use a table
to show messages), and I'm still a beginner in Javascript language. Does
anybody here has begun to code anything about this ticket ? (I'd like
to know if i'm wrong)

- French translation : Thanks Thomas, for having commited french
language modifications ! just one remark : we (Aurélien and I) prefer
to translate "junk" into "indésirables" ;-)

- LDAP support : I read in the list archives, that the public ldap
search has to be rewritten completely
Does anyone has more info about it ? Can I help ?

best regards,


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